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Sand River (Goharu)

Sand River

Credir Goharu,Garro

The map is divided by a dried up river into two zones: one is open with a large amount of sand dunes, another one is a small town, that often serves as a field of battle for heavy tanks. The open area is a light tank’s paradise and is not really popular among them. In addition to all that, there are two hills at the each base, which are great for tank destroyers and artillery.

Yellow dots – points for scouting.
Green dots – crucial defensive positions.
Red dots – artillery.
Green areas – locations of tank destroyers.
Red areas – hotspots, main combat locations.
Green arrows – directions of scouting.
Yellow arrows – MT attack directions.
Blue arrows – HT attack directions.

Let’s take a look at some of the most widely used and rational approaches to playing on this map:

LTs on Sand River have some freedom in their actions. That being said, one of the best courses of action is getting to the enemy base and try to scout their artillery. The most optimal route for that lies through the hill for LTs starting at respawn I and through the center for LTs starting at respawn II. Or they can hide in the bused at cells F4 and G6 to scout the enemy positions.

MTs mostly attack through the hill, through which some of the more quick MTs, that start at respawn point I, can get to the enemy base fast. MTs starting at respawn point II should attack through the desert. However, this should only be attempted in a group.

The course of action stays the same regardless of the starting base. They should divide into two groups, one of which attacks through the desert and the center, while the other one fights at the hill together with MTs. When fighting on the hill, be prepared for a long shootout in the “peek-shoot-hide” style.

Tank destroyers should take defensive positions on the elevations inside the base. If you’re confident that additional defense isn’t needed, you may assist allies in the town and from the dunes in the desert.

Artillery can fire at almost any spot on this map, therefore, there is no need to move around trying to find a better position. Artillery is very important on this map, and can easily decide a battle’s outcome.

Don’t attack recklessly, coordinate your actions with allied artillery and you will be successful.

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