Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lakeville (Goharu)


Credit : Goharu,Garro

An isolated mountain dale (commonly referred to as “canyon”) on one flank and town quarters on the other allow to get close to the enemy before making the final push. The open lake in the center of the field makes it possible to provide support to the allies from quite a long distance.

Green dots – heavies and destroyers.
Red dots – artillery.
Red areas – hotspots, main combat locations.
Yellow arrows – MT attack directions.
Blue arrows – HT attack directions.


The quickest way into the enemy base is the central pass, but the safest route lies along the town borders and the lake. It’s rarely used by anything but LTs. Also, some might prefer to travel through the town, as it’s easier to hide there. Very rarely would somebody go through the mountain, an LT would become an easy target in the narrow passage. However, you might sacrifice one LT to scout enemy positions behind the mountain and organize your attack, otherwise the struggle at the mountain often extends until the very end of a battle.

MTs have a lot of strategies to pursue on this map. They can follow any direction they’d like. However, it makes little sense to participate in prolonged battles at the mountain, as your amount of HP is unlikely to be enough to win. It’s also possible to use MTs as a substitute to LTs, which is organizing the attack.

Typical strategy – the main body of HTs go for the town, 2-3 are left behind to support allies at the mountain. Travelling through the central pass is a very rare occasion, and if it happens, it’s still not used by top tanks. That’s not to say that a surprise attack through the central pass isn’t possible, on the contrary – the central pass is often left without any defense. But again, it doesn’t make sense for all tanks to fight at the mountain, battles here often become too prolonged, so it’s better to send a couple of non-top tanks to the mountain, and leave the rest defending.

Tank destroyers.
The simplest way of playing on this map is supporting the attack through the mountain. Both sides of the mountain have good spots that destroyers can take and fire at the mountain ascend. There’s a little pedestal right in front of the respawn II, coming with nice bushes and rocks. However, any LT, that manages to get to the mountain top, will be able to scout your position. Also, at the start of a match, destroyers often fire at tanks located at the other side of the lake, from the bushes on the lake’s shore. This position is also used to fire at a part of the central pass, simply speaking, by placing a few destroyers on the shore, it’s possible to easily hold off the enemy in the central pass.

Long range artillery has two usual locations they can take – one closer to the base, another closer to the pass through the mountains. In the second case, artillery should assist the attackers at the pass – only at this location can artillery have enough reach to fire at that area. However, being in this spot means the central pass is obstructed, although it’s possible to bombard the town. On Lakeville, artillery have the option of moving into a different location during the second half of a battle, that’s because the mountain covers enemy tanks, which stayed at the base defending.

Basing on the results of battles, the respawn point I is better suited for defending in case of an attack from the town, while respawn point II allows for easier defense from attacks from the canyon.

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