Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Prohorovka (Goharu)


Credit Goharu,Garro

An open hilly location, divided by a railway embankment. Bunches of trees and bushes provide great cover for tank destroyers. Artillery can act freely, but is extremely vulnerable to raids of light quick forces.

Green dots – heavies and destroyers.
Yellow dots – points of lighting/sniping positions.
White dots – railway crossings.
Red dots – artillery.
Yellow arrows – attack directions of MTs.
Blue arrows – attack direction of HTs.

One of the possible tactics – mobile defense.

LT: Despite the seemingly simple layout of the map, good lighting makes a huge difference. First, let’s look at the points better suited for passive lighting (Chaffee, VK 2801, small destroyers with periscopes):
A – the bushes at this point are a good position to observe the whole alley up to the cell H. However, you must take into consideration that an LT, which starts at the base I, will get to them faster.
B – the alley is moderately visible from these bushes as the vegetation gets in the way. It’s not suited for hiding either, but it’s a good point for counter-lighting an LT in point A.
E – the path leading up the hill is visible from behind the house.
Quick lighters T-50 and T-50-2 will be more useful for active lighting. They shouldn’t go down into the enemy territory, stick to the center of the hill. Getting a peek with one commander tower is enough. This way, it’s possible to light up most of the enemy team right in the beginning of battle, giving targets to your artillery and causing panic in the enemy ranks. Don’t chase the enemy lighter, unless it’s trying to make its way to your base. If there are no LTs in the team, an MT can light up the field just as well. After that it’s possible to fight your way to the enemy artillery.

Destroyers: Destroyers are typically fighting in the alley. The tactics are simple – maximum damage, maximum stealth. Destroyers are usually located in the cells next to artillery, covering it and assisting heavies in the alley. However, it’s best to stay at two cells away from the artillery, giving it more free space.

MT: Number one priority – taking the hill and then controlling the village. Those who control the hill control everything around that side of the railway.

HT: Should divide into two groups. The largest group should take position in the alley, the smaller one should fight in the village, providing support for MTs attacking the hill. One (preferably a top tier tank) should be placed at the crossing, located closest to the base, and never leave it. This way, it will be able to observe the location from both sides of the railroad and quickly take cover should the enemy breach in.

Artillery: Picking off enemy artillery and top HTs.

Take positions and wait for the enemy to take action, or for the light to give you info. Everything else being equal, the victory on Prohorovka is determined by the play of lighters and the ability of the team to not give away their plans.

Enemy actions and your reactions to them:

1. Enemies rush through the village.

Answer – rush the alley and hold the enemy at the railroad. The remaining top HT should hold the crossing, aided by a part of top destroyers and MTs. LTs attack opposing artillery. Defend base I from cell B2-C2 and base II from point D.

2. Enemies rush through the center or the alley.

Oppose the rush with all forces. LTs and some of MTs approach enemy artillery through the village.

3. Enemies defend.

Answer – wait and neutralize enemy lighters, then attack through the alley and clear the village. LTs light up the alley, target – artillery.
Artillery – pick off enemy artillery and HTs.

Have in mind, that, at the start, base I has a slight advantage in the alley (point A), while base II allows to get to the hill slightly faster. But that’s mostly irrelevant, so, in random battles, both teams are on an equal footing. That’s why the tactic described above will fit for any respawn point. The better your team is coordinated, the higher its chances for victory on Prohorovka.

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