Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Monastery (Goharu)


Credit: Goharu,Garro

The map resembles a labyrinth, rather than an open field, but it has some spacious locations, which makes this map balanced. You have many paths leading to the opposing base available to you. The center of the map is where light and medium tanks prefer to fight. Heavy tanks fight on the map’s borders, as do tank destroyers. If you’re playing on a destroyer, it’s also possible to stay and provide protection for your base.

Green dots – heavies and destroyers.
Yellow dots – points for scouting.
Red dots – artillery.
Red areas – hotspots, main combat locations.
Green areas – locations of destroyers.
Green arrows – directions exposed to fire.
Yellow arrows – MT attack directions.
Blue arrows – HT attack directions.

Sector specific tactics.

Central area, the monastery.
The monastery’s backyard is a good place for scouting both respawn points. No self-respecting MT would pass up an opportunity like that. An MT that holed up in the monastery will be a constant nuisance until it’s driven out. And that’s exactly what happens: the ascend to the monastery is one of the map’s hotspots. The town and central pass are often used by LTs. MTs also often attack through the town, and it’s possible to meet non-top HTs in the central pass.

The hills and the alley.
Lately it has become the favorite location of MTs and HTs regardless of their side. The most likely reason being the increasing number of HT AMX with their combat specifications. The high hills protect from enemy artillery, the ground and terrain allow for various maneuvers.
These are the tactics: MTs attack from above the hills, using their maneuverability to support moving HTs, and, if need be, assist allies attacking the town near the monastery. HTs, using their brute power, attack enemy defensive positions through the alley.

One of the shortest ways to the enemy base and a battle's outcome is often decided there. It’s one of the most dangerous but, at the same time, most interesting locations on the map. The canyon is exposed to artillery fire from both of the bases, that’s why battles taking place there are never long, yet always exciting. To win a fight in the canyon it’s best to go there in a group of 3-4 top tanks, supported by artillery and destroyers. Battle tactics for this locations are as follows: in a short span of time, you need to enter the enemy artillery deadzone, having suffered less casualties than your opponents. When that is achieved, clearing the canyon becomes much easier.

In general: you must concentrate your attacking forces on a single direction, while distracting or heavily suppressing the enemy in all other sectors.
We suggest attacking through the canyon if there’s enough well armored, but slow HTs, or attack through the hills if the team is full of HT AMX and MTs.

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