Sunday, July 1, 2012

Karelia (Goharu)


Credit : Goharu,Garro

Swamps, rocks and cliffs divide this map to three main locations: plateau, swamp and canyon. The lack of any buildings and small number of obstructing rocks is favorable for artillery. To win you need to concentrate your forces on attacking one of the directions, while distracting or suppressing the enemy in other sectors.

Green dots – heavies and destroyers.
Red dots – artillery.
Red areas – hotspots, main combat locations.
Green arrows – directions exposed to fire.
Yellow arrows – MT attack directions.
Blue arrows – HT attack directions.

Sector specific tactics.

The central pass.

This area is visible to all players right from the beginning of a game. It’s straight, with swamps to both sides of it, as well as “half-covered” areas. That’s why this place is often used by breaching LTs. As you might’ve guessed, no tank lives long in here, as the place is completely exposed to fire from the balcony (mountain ledge) and the plateau, as well as respawn points. This area is no place for HTs and MTs. That being said, during the second half of a battle, when most of the opponents are down, it can be used to reach the center. However, as practice shows us, destroyers just love to ambush unaware enemies from behind the rocks. So it might be best to just leave this road for LTs and fight in other areas.

The plateau.

An area that is often ignored by players, and unjustly so. A lot of people would rather cover the canyon, leaving just a couple of tanks defending the plateau. Such a mistake often leads to a fast defeat. The thing is, this area is full of rocks and small hills. There’s a lot of cover spots to hide behind, which makes it very difficult for artillery to line up a shot. The ground is of dirt type, so tank movement is hindered only by uneven terrain, which means, that’s setting up a breach here is very easy.

The canyon.

The favorite battleground of HTs. It is here where a battle is often decided. There is an elevation: an area, that can be used to directly fire at the road and, if scouting is provided, even at the plateau. However, this elevation is exposed to artillery fire (if it’s standing at the respawn point), so if you’re an MT and standing there, stay close to cover points.
The tactics here are quite simple: you need to get as close to the enemy as possible, as quickly as possible. MTs have to take the balcony. Destroyers must annihilate everything scouted and warn of possible LT attacks, or MTs approaching from below the canyon. HTs need to push with their pure power, cracking the enemy defenses.

It’s also worth mentioning that the canyon is easier to defend from the first respawn point, while the second respawn point has an edge in defending the plateau.

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