Friday, July 13, 2012

Caucasus (Goharu)


Credir Goharu,Garro

The location does indeed resemble Caucasus and was announced by this name on the North-American forum.

Green dots – heavier and destroyers.
Red dots – artillery.
Red areas – hotspots, main combat locations.
Yellow arrows – MT attack directions.
Blue arrows – HT attack directions.

Let’s begin with light tanks. The scouts have 4 directions they can take on this map, following which they will be able to get inside enemy base, find the artillery and help their team achieve victory. Most of the time only three directions of four are picked: through the center, mount or glacier. The path lying through the bridge is rarely used by light tanks, as it’s usually defended from both sides.

On Caucasus, the most popular route for light tanks lies through the center. It’s the shortest way to the enemy base, which is often left without any attention, increasing the scout’s chances of getting to the target. Scouts also travel through the mount and glacier, but they’re less frequently seen here than on the center of the map.

Destroyers usually follow allied tanks, and only sometimes seen in the areas marked with green dots on the map.

Medium tanks may be needed at all 4 directions. When fighting on a medium tank remember that MT’s strength lies in numbers, unless you’re performing the role of a scout, of course. Cover the destroyers, support your HTs and perform fast breaches through the poorly defended points to reach the enemy rear positions and base – that’s the primary tasks to complete on this map. Prioritized MT attack directions are marked on the map with yellow arrows.

Artillery is in a bit of a tight spot on this map, because the mountains obstruct the view and don’t allow for a clear shot, that’s why these vehicles are taking the spots marked on this map in 95% of the cases. The southern team (respawn point II) has a more comfortable platform for artillery units.

Heavy tanks spread out along the track marked on the map with blue arrows. Heavy tanks almost never attack through the center, as they’re highly vulnerable to artillery fire in there, also, the nature of that terrain makes you an easy target for enemies located at any side.

Primary points:
A – well protected, allowing for effective defense. This point is used to control all main directions of enemy attacks: the bridge, center and from the mount side. Allows to quickly switch to defense of the flag, in case of an attack from the glacier.
B – one of the advantages base II has. This balcony makes it possible to shoot at all the lowland up until the canyon and the bridge.

Be mindful and cautious and you easily have a 70% chance to win this.

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