Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mines (Goharu)


Credit Goharu,Garro

Green dots – heavies or destroyers.
Yellow dots – MT, LT
Red dots – artillery
Red areas – hotspots, main combat locations.
Green arrows – directions exposed to fire.
Yellow arrows – MT attack directions.
Blue arrows – HT attack directions.

Possible tactics:

MT: The main tactic – “King of the hill”. Take the hill with the support of destroyers. Attack from the island.

LT: While all the attention is focused on the hill, the enemy flanks remain weakened. It’s a great moment to light up enemy artillery and destroyers. Use the tried routes: through the village or from the opposite flank through the island, an unexpected light will make the enemy panic and, with some luck, spell the end of their artillery. Rushing through the hill often ends in LT’s aimless death.

Tank destroyers: Have to play defensively on this map. That means either supporting allies at the hill, defending the passage (пролив), or protecting the base in case of an attack from the village. It’s worth mentioning that the elevation at A4 serves as a pedestal, allowing to have a clear shot at almost any direction: the passage, island, hills, village. A really hardcore tier 9 destroyer (object 704, Jagdtiger and T95) can go “HT mode”, but that requires serious skills and experience, otherwise it’s a quick way to get yourself killed.

HT: The main mass of HTs usually attacks through the church (костел) in the village. It’s also a good idea to approach the enemy through the passage, hitting them in the back or even taking the enemy base.

Artillery: There are few places where artillery can plant its feet, but there are a lot of strategic possibilities available. If artillery is places at the farm (K8) or the docks (A1), being behind the rock (B2) will allow you to deliver your package all the way to the hill, island, village or the opponents’ base. The main priority is to support those who attack the hill, protect the village and the church, hunt their artillery and top destroyers.

Noteworthy spots:
A – this point is for defending the base, it allows to shoot at the hill ascend, island, passage and the closest beach.
B – behind the rock, a well protected point with a good shooting vector, defenders placed in this spot will be able to hold enemy forces for a long time.
C – base 2, behind the rock. The mountain has a great “window” to observe the hill. Enemy tanks, going upside the hill, lose a lot of speed and become easy targets.
D – just like the point C – from the bushes there you have a clear shot at the ascend, the road to the church, remember it.
E – shooting pedestal.
F – easy to light up the beach and approaches to the hill, if you’re behind the rocks on the island. Allows to shoot clearly at the beach, ascend, “back exit” at K4 and the base in J5-J6.

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