Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Korean Random Weakspot [0.7.4] Mod

Korean Random Weakspot [0.7.4] Mod

The list of skins tanks included in the archive:

HT 10: IS-7 IS-4 MAUS E-100 T110E5 AMX 50B

HT 9: IS-8 ST-1 E-75 VK4502 (P) Ausf. B   M103 AMX 50,120

HT 8: IS-3 KV-4 KV-5 T34 VK 4502 (P) Ausf. A (Antitapok) PzKpfw VIB Tiger II Löwe T-32 M6A2E1 (Gus) AMX 50,100

HT 7: IS AMX M4 (1945)

MT-9::T-54 E-50 M46 Patton Bat Chatillon 25 t

MT-8: T-44 Panther II M26 Pershing Type 59 (Chinese) Lorraine 40 t

TD-8: ISU-152 Ferdinand T28 T28 Prototype AMX AC Mle. 1948

TD-9: Object 704 JagdTiger T95 T30 AMX 50 Foch

Download :

How to install? :
1. Extract rar file
2. Copy and paste Vechicls folder in folder  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Himmelsdorf (Goharu)


Credit : Goharu,Garro

A labyrinth of streets and squares, quite unfavorable towards artillery and tank destroyers, but ideal for fast attacks of MTs and HTs steadily trading shots. It’s possible to walk around the combat zone using the high mount with a castle on top of it or the railroad, use them to break an occured positional stalemate.

Green dots – heavies and destroyers.
Yellow dots – points for scouting.
Red dots – artillery.
Red areas – hotspots, main combat locations.
Green arrows – directions exposed to fire.
Yellow arrows – MT attack directions.
Blue arrows – HT attack directions.


Combat positions for both of the sides are similar: on the mount by the castle, in the central pass (also known as “banana”), at the railroad and on the street near the said railroad.


Light tanks have three directions they can follow to scout enemies:
- The center – the smoothest and quickest way to scout the enemy position. The problem is, going to scout right away isn’t needed, because your artillery won’t be able to hit anything because of the buildings. That’s why the need in a short way is greatly diminished on this map.

- Through the railroad – a good path, allowing enough place for maneuvers.

- Through the mount – will provide your team with the information on how many enemy vehicles are moving through this location. It’s also possible to get past the enemy tanks and make it to the enemy rear positions.

The railroad and mount are the places where MTs and LTs fight each other.
The mountain near the castle is full of positions allowing to observe and fire at the surrounding area. The “loopholes” were added at the mountain locations during the map’s update. Sometimes, a cunning HT or tanks like HT AMX may join the fights taking place there.

There is no specific location that destroyers should be in, they can be useful anywhere, but most often seen following heavy tanks.

Heavy tanks move through the town’s main streets. The most fierce fights between top HTs often take place in the central pass (banana). Lone HTs can often be met on the mount and on the railroad.

Artillery has the biggest amount of variety in positioning on this map. Their most common habitat is the respawn points and the corners of the map. But most people are unaware of two another very comfortable positions. It’s cell B7 for the base №1, at the corner of the house. And cell J9 for the base №2. The elevation level in these cells are higher than in other popular spots, so buildings will be less of an issue. However, you need to get to these positions first, so slow moving vehicles are out of luck.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

El Halluf (goharu)

El Halluf

Credit : Goharu,Garro

This map is somewhat similar to the “Sand River”. Both of the bases are located on top of tall hills, separated by a lowland, with a channel of a dried up river in its center. There is a small town and a bay to the south-east. The third neutral hill is located to the north-west.

Green dots – heavies and destroyers.
Yellow dots – points for scouting.
Red dots – artillery.
Red areas – hotspots, main combat locations.
Yellow arrows – MT attack directions.
Blue arrows – HT attack directions.


Just like on the Sand River, MTs on El Haluff have a lot of freedom.
All types of LTs can use the center of the map to reach the enemy base hills.
Your enemy will have a hard time attacking you there, and allied HTs and destroyers will be grateful for a free target practice.
LTs having a good view range, like Chaffee, will find point at F5-F6 very suitable. From there, it’s possible to scout positions of enemy tanks and destroyers, that are hiding on the mountain slope.
The more quick and movile T-50 and T-50-2 can also actively scout the main directions of the enemy movements and clusters of enemy forces.

Main task – defense of the base and any passes leading to it. Destroyers rarely leave their base and only join the group pushes during the final stage of a battle.

MT scouts: same as LTs.
MT attackers: main combat location – the town and the bay. When the bay is taken and the village is cleared, MTs should proceed by attacking the enemy base through the passes in cells J6-J7 and F8-G9. Sometimes they can be joined by fast HTs class tank, like IS-7/IS-3/AMX.

Top HTs often clash at the north-western hill. However, if the first respawn point team plays passively, all of the fighting is done on their territory, specifically in cells C1-D1. A part of HTs should be defending the base at the central and south-eastern passes.

Artillery should take positions it thinks are best, but some of the special spots are marked on the map. From these points (H9 and K6) it’s easy to bombard the north-western hill.

El Haluff is quite original in this respect, but it’s still should be mentioned, that we consider the first respawn point to be best for attacking, and the second respawn point to be best for defending.

The rush tactic is unpopular, because both of the teams have to cross a considerable distance ascending to the hills, while losing the speed and making it possible for the enemy to prepare their defenses.

Use these simple tactics and you the victory will be in your reach. Remember – communicate with the team and don’t rush it.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Battle Compass Mod

This mod will help you navigate your tank by 360 degree compass like picture below

Download :

How to install? :
1. Extract rar file
2. Copy and paste files in folder  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x\gui\flash

Friday, June 22, 2012

Baz Hangar Mod

How to install? :
1. Extract rar file.
2. Copy and paste content folder in folder  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x\

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Game Modes

After the release of the 7.4 patch, World of Tanks will have two new combat modes: Assault and Encounter, in addition to the regular “base capture” game mode. Players will not be able to select the modes separately, just like in the case of a regular base capture mode.

Clicking on “Battle” will place you in a random game mode which will result in more fun and exciting combat as you will not know what to expect in the next battle with this element of surprise.

Assault Mode

In this mode, one team has a base and the other doesn’t. Respawn points are moved, for example, a defending team on Malinovka is in the north, and the attackers are based in the south near to the river.

Similarly, respawn points will change on all the other maps. On Prokhorovka, defenders are in the city whereas attackers start from the alley.

Consequently, old maps will turn up looking new and the feel of the game will appear different due to these new introductions. It’ll show you a new angle to playing the game as now battles will occur in places which have rarely ever been visited before.

Standard positions will change and previously unused hills will become essential strategic points; e.g. on Karelia the “super-important” southeast canyon loses a crucial place in your tactics. So although players are largely familiar with the maps and terrain, the overall gameplay will appear irregular as the rules have been changed.

Combat: One team will attack while the other defends. Usually, in random battles you never know how your allies would act and how the combat would end. Here, all roles are assigned. The teams are located in such a way that attackers will not have an option to wait out a game as doing so will cost them a victory, thus losing the battle.

On the other end, defenders have plenty of opportunities to set up powerful defenses. On Siegfried Line map, defenders are in the town and attackers have to go through the field. On Prokhorovka, defenders will have houses to cover their backs, whereas attackers need to keep advancing forward.

On Sand River, the base is also allocated in an interesting way where you’ll spend much effort to capture it. Additional effort would be necessary in places which have seldom faced tough combat in the past.

Obviously, there are two different ways to playing in attack. You can get into the attacking team and the gameplay will go in one way, or you can join the defending team and the gameplay will be changed differently in an entirely new level.

The differences between the sides are more apparent than in a common base capture mode and the widely diversified gameplay is bound to impress and capture the hearts of players.

Encounter Mode

The other game mode is known as Encounter. Respawn points in this mode are changed as well; teams appear on the map borderlines. The only neutral base (not belonging to any sides) available is located equally far away from both teams. As a result, teams appear to be riding close to each other and constantly engaging in combat, creating new combat “hot spots” far from the desired base.

There’s always a challenge waiting for you and decisions to be made in this mode: to start a battle, or to go straight to the base to capture and defend it.

If you see that the enemy is choosing to invade your respawn point via the shortest route, you can improvise by changing your direction and head up to the base. In this way, the enemy would be forced to change tactics.

Battles are nothing but impressive here as both teams will fight it out to capture the base, one after another. The base is actually placed in such a way that both teams can reach it from each opposite side at the same time and it’s hard to secure and hold it due to the lack of places where you can take cover behind. All these will raise the bar on the challenge of the game as you will be forced to look for alternative hiding spots such as behind destroyed ally or enemy tanks. Defending a captured base will also prove to be a feat so it’s all up to you, your team mates and strategies to hold up the fort!

This mode will be more interesting for tank companies because each player will have to make the right decisions and outsmart and outmaneuver their way to victory. If you play in a platoon, your gameplay will become more dynamic. The situation on the battlefield changes a lot with each second, and utter mayhem is inevitable at base capture points. Expect lots of fire, smoke and destruction. (Not to mention the fun that comes along with that!)

New modes will diversify the gameplay, adding new twists and fresh concepts to maps so players can expect whole new experiences in areas they are familiar with. Get ready for more exciting fights and challenges ahead. Let’s Battle!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Type59 Remodel Mod

This mod will remodel your type59 like below picture.

How to install? :
1. Extract rar file.
2. Copy and paste folder Ch01_Type59 to C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x\vehicles\chinese

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Realistic ScopeShadow Mod

Download :

How to install? :
Copy and paste files in folder  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x\gui\flash

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Modern War Sound by Quadro7F Mod

Download :

How to install? :
1. Extract rar file
2. Copy and paste audio folder to  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x\

Recommend customization for this mod
- The volume of the tank 50-60% 
- The volume of voice messages 100%
 - 80% of the volume of the interface

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tier 10 Mediums and TDs announced

Currently Tier 9 is the peak of a vehicle’s class development for medium tanks and tank destroyers in World of Tanks. Quite often players ask game developers whether they are going to introduce Tier 10 for these two classes of vehicles. It is about time to give the exact and precise answer to that question - Tier 10 Meds and TDs will most definitely be introduced!

At the moment new vehicles undergo a balancing process; therefore, it’s too early to speculate about final specifications of these long-awaited armored vehicles. However, it’s known that all Tier 10 Meds and TDs will retain the specific tech tree features which are particular for the nation they belong to.

Interested to see what exactly the World of Tanks developers are preparing for their players?

The Tier 10 medium USSR vehicle will be the T-62A. In its top configuration it will be equipped with 100-mm gun D-54TC.


E-50 Ausf M will head up the German tank tech tree. In its top configuration it will have a 10,5 cm KwK 45 L/52 Ausf. K gun on board.

E-50 Ausf M

Fans of the American combat vehicles will conquer the battlefields on the medium tank M48A1 (Patton III), equipped with 90 mm M41 and 105mm M68 guns.

M48A1 (Patton III)

The most drastic changes will affect the French tank tech tree. All light and medium tanks from AMX 12t (i.e. AMX 12t, AMX 13 75, AMX 13 90, Lorraine 40t, Bat Chatillon 25t) will be raised one Tier upwards. The light tank ELC AMX will be added as a  new Tier 5 vehicle with 75 mm SA32, 75 mm Long 44 and 90 mm D914 mountable guns.


Bat Chatillon 25t, now raised to Tier 10, will be equipped in stock with 90 mm F3 gun and have 105 mm CN-105-57 as a top gun.

Bat Chatillon 25t

The details about French tanks substitution process and compensation procedure will be explained in more detail in a later update.

“Object 268” together with its 152 mm M64 gun will become a Tier 10 tank destroyer.  

Object 268

The German tank tech tree will be enlarged by the tank destroyer JagdPz E-100 with 17 cm PaK 45 gun on board.

JagdPz E-100

The American nation will be reinforced by two new Tier 10 anti-tank vehicles. Players who have T95 will be able to open T110E3 tank destroyer. This vehicle will have a non-rotating turret and a 155 mm AT gun T7.


The branch of the US tech tree with turret-rotating tank destroyers which are currently headed by T30, will be amplified with T110E4. The particular feature of that TD will be a partially rotating turret (rotation angle – 180 degrees). The 155 mm AT Gun T7 will be its top weapon.


Cassette loader – It’s the key feature of the French vehicles. Tier 10 TD AMX 50 Foch will have it as well. The gun SA 58 AC will have 3 shells in the drum.

AMX 50 Foch

We would again like to remind you that the above mentioned information is not final. The vehicle specifications listed above can be subject to change prior to their official in-game release.

Stay tuned for further information about these upcoming tanks!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The hatched zone penetration Red Star [0.7.3] Mod

Currently available skin following techniques:

Soviet branch:  IS-7, IS-4, IS-8, ST-1, KV-3, KV-4 KV-5, IS, IS-3 IS-1C, T-150, KV-2, KV 1, T 54, T 44, T 43, T-34-85, KV-13, T-34, Object 704, ICS-152, SU-152 SU-100 SU-85.
The German branch: Maus and E-100 E-75, VK 4502 (P), Tiger II, VK 4502 (A), Lowe, Tiger, Tiger P, E-50, Panther II, Panther, VK3002 (DB), VK3001 ( H), VK3601 (H), VK3001 (P), Pz III / IV, Pz IV, JagdTiger, Ferdinand, JagdPanther, JagdPz IV, StuG III.
The American branch of:  T110, M103, T34, T32, M6A2E1, T29, M46 Patton, M26 Pershing, T20, T30, T95, T28 Prototype, T28, T25 AT.
The French branch: AMX M4 (1945), AMX 50100, AMX 50120, AMX 50 B, Lorraine 40t, Bat-Chatillon 25t.
The Chinese branch: Type 59.

Description of the marked areas:

Red - vulnerabilities.
Purple - ammunition.
Green - the engine.
Blue - the fuel tank.
Yellow - the crew.
Orange - Weakspots
White - a top gun. 

Download :

How to install? :
1. Extract rar file
2. Copy and paste Vechicls folder in folder  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x

Friday, June 8, 2012

Marsoff Sniper 30 Mod

This mod will change Crosshair sniper like picture below

Download :

1. Extract rar file
2. Copy and paste files in folder  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x\gui\flash

Bionick1.3 Damage Panel Mod

This mod will change your damage panel like piture below.
it include time and damage received per shot too

1. Extract rar file
2. Copy and paste files in folder  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x\gui\flash

Show time mod

This mod will show time (your computer clock) like picture below.

How to install? :
1. Extract rar file
2. Copy and paste files in folder  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x\gui\flash

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Preliminary list of changes of v7.4

7.3 Public Test

Preliminary list of changes of v7.4 changes as compared with v7.3:

Added two new combat modes that will be added to the random battle queue: Assault and Encounter.
Assault: one team defends the only base, the second team will try to capture it or destroy all enemy vehicles. The mode is active for Erlenberg, Prokhorovka, Westfield, Karelia, Malinovka, Sand River, and Siegfried Line.
Encounter: both teams will attempt to capture the only base in the map center, or destroy all enemy vehicles to win. The mode is activated for El Halluf, Murovanka, Steppes, Ensk, Himmelsdorf, Ruinberg, Malinovka, Sand River, and Siegfried Line.
Added two new maps: Airfield (North Africa) and Widepark (European town).
Added French TDs: Renault FT AC, Renault UE 57, Somua Sau 40, S 35 CA, ARL V 39, AC Mle.1946, AC Mle.1948, AMX 50 Foch.
Added French SPGs: Renault BS, Lorraine 39 L AM, AMX 105 AM, AMX-13 F3 AM, Lorraine 155 (50), Lorraine 155 (51), Bat. Chatillon 155.
Vehicles IS-6 and JagdTiger 8.8cm KwK43 L/71 are added to the in-game store, available for all players.
Two premium vehicles were added, available for supertesters only: Dickermax - German TD of tier 6, and T26E4 SuperPershing - American MT of tier 8.
Added one camouflage for each nation.
Added the option of training skills and perks for combined qualifications of crew (for example, training perks and skills of Radio Operator, when a Commander combines qualifications of a Commander and Radio Operator).
Added a dedicated platoon chat channel during battles.
Added new medals:
"Expert" (by nation) - for destroying at least one example of each tank type, existing at that moment in the specified nation tech tree.
"Medal of Raseiniai Heroes" - for destroying the whole enemy team (not less than 14 vehicles).
"Technical Engineer" (by nation) - for researching all vehicles, existing at that moment in a certain nation's tech tree.
"Senior Technical Engineer" - for researching all vehicles of all nations, existing at that moment.
"Sinai Lion" - for destroying over 100 "IS" tanks of any model and vehicles based on its model.

Changed the sizing of the following vehicles to match historical ones: JagdTiger (enlarged to the size of TigerII), Object 261 (shrunk to the size of IS-7).
Fixed or reworked damage models of M2 lt, M3 Lee, JagdTiger, Gw E, Т-28, IS-8 (matlet), Е-50 (transmission moved to front), Е-75 (transmission moved to front), VK4502B (transmission moved to the middle part of the vehicle).
Fixed or reworked models of ARL-44, KV-1S, Pz III, Т-54, Valentile LL, T1 heavy, M41, VK4502A, IS-8.
Rebalanced several parameters of M103, T110, KV-4, M18 Hellcat, T30.
SPG LeFH18 B2: fixed parameters of radio FuG-8, changed wrong weight number, changed the combat level.
Fixed the name of suspension for SPG М12.
Fixed several bugs with French camouflage.
Fixed bugs with the camouflage cover for IS-7 and Marder II.
Fixed the cost of camouflage for Т30, KV-2, KV-3.
In order to reduce the amount of issues with "questionable" non-penetration/penetration, reworked the system of damaging with HE and armor-piercing shells. In some cases there's a possibility of damage and critical hits increase from HE shells.
Changed operation of Large Aid Kit: a constant bonus of "+5% to avoiding critical damage to crew" works till the end of the battle, even when the Aid Kit is used.
Changed operation of Large Repair Kit: a constant bonus of "+10% to repair speed" works till the end of the battle, even when the large repair kit is used.
Now Repair Kit fixes both tracks, if they are both damaged.
Added compensation to a team hit player, proportionate to the damage caused.
Now, if a player team damages someone, and the same shot damages an enemy vehicle, the decreasing team damage coefficient is considered for this shot.
Added controls with light-emitting diode glow over game events for ROCCAT mouse.
Added notes about relevant discounts in the game client.
Changed pop-up hints on tank modules, consumables, ammunition, and crew members.
Changed information displayed in the vehicle pop-up window.
All in-game sounds are optimized in frequency and compression.
Added sounds for environment: birds, rivers, sea, forests, villages.
Reworked several sound effects for environment.
Added sounds for several interface buttons.
Fixed the bug with the display of "post-mortem" panel in the interface-off mode.
Fixed or reworked effects for hitting wood and snow.
Fixed the description of Fadin's Medal.
Fixed several bugs with the passability on Siegfried Line, El Halluf, Ensk.
Changed display of bases and respawns on the minimap.
Fixed the bug with the green color of "Invite" button after leaving or excluding a friend from platoon.
Fixed the rare bug with the game client hang-up at the end of map loading.
Fixed the description of Brothers in Arms perk.
Fixed the rare possibility to be unable to gain "Elite" status on T-34-85, T-43 and KV-13.
Removed the "Tankers’ voice by nation" option.
Added the autoloader indicator for the howitzer shooting mode.
Fixed the rare hang-up of tank durability progress bar in the tank over-target marker.
Reduced the neon glow for tank panel interface elements in the garage and pop-up hints.
Changed the terms for earning Lavrinenko's, Leclerc's and Abram's medal.
Base and respawn markers on minimap have been added to the "color blind" mode.
Added the option to turn on the "server reticle” marker to the game settings.
Changed the mechanism for selecting a message channel in battle chat. Now, to switch from team chat to all chat the "TAB" key is used.
At request for battle menu, the mouse cursor is centered on the "Back to garage" option.
Changed the design of free experience and gold conversion windows.
In a platoon or a tank company, when the Commander speaks, the volume of other players speaking in the voice chat reduces.
Fixed the display of tanks with camouflage (tracks without hull and turret) for Radeon video cards of dated series.
Fixed the display of sniper mode cover in the window mode, when the window height is greater that the width.
Fixed several bugs in the alternate color scheme.
Removed mouse inversion in the SPG mode.
Fixed several bugs with the spam filter.

Friday, June 1, 2012

DAR Artillery Sight Mod

This mod will tell you about  traverse indicator, time to target, time to reload, distance and even the current angle of fire. This is great mod that arty player must use.
Credit : DAR

world of tanks mods

How to install? : 
1. Extract rar file.
2. Copy and paste files in folder  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x\gui\flash

KoreanRandom's_colored073 Weakspot Skin Mod

This wot skin pack for version 0.7.3 shows you best spots where to shoot enemy tank. Weak spots are shown in different colors, based upon the vulnerable area (thin armor, crew, modules etc.) and show most appropriate place to shoot with armor-piercing shells (AP, not premium APCR).

Color legend:

Red -  Engine.
Violet - Vulnerabilities.
Blue – Driver.
Yellow - Commander,Loader.
White - Ammunition.

Credit : worldoftanksskins

Download :

How to install? :
1. Extract rar file
2. Copy and paste Vechicls folder in folder  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x

Demole's Damage Panel Mod (Battle Massage Fixed)

This mod will change damage panel like below picture.
Credit : 7serafim7 and coldrabbit

world of tanks mods

Download :

How to install? :
1. Extract rar file.
2. Copy and paste files in folder  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x\gui\flash

Gauge Damage Panel Mod (Battle Massage Fixed)

This mod will change damage panel like below picture.
Credit : 7serafim7 and bionick

world of tanks mods

How to install? : 
1. Extract rar file.
2. Copy and paste files in folder  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x\gui\flash

Premium hangar without premium account Mod

This mod will change your original hanger to premium hanger without premium account

world of tanks mods

Download :

How to install? :
1. Extract rar file.
2. Copy and paste files in folder  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x\spaces\hangar

J1mB0's Crosshair Mod

This is recommend modification,it will change your original crosshair like below picture.
This mod include loading time and work with penetrate indicator.

world of tanks mods

world of tanks mods

How to install? :
1. Extract rar file
2. Copy and paste files in folder  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x\gui\flash

After install this mod you can change crosshair style at SETTING --> RETICLE

Pz TZF 12 Crosshair sniper Mod

This mod will change your original crosshair to panzer crosshair like below picture.

How to install? :
1. Extract rar file
2. Copy and paste files in folder  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x\gui\flash

Accurate Damage Indicator Mod

This mod will change damage indicator like below picture.

world of tanks mods

How to install? : 
1. Extract rar file.
2. Copy and paste files in folder  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x\gui\flash

Max ZoomOut Mod

This modifacation can help you to zoom in&out more than normal. It can help you to decide control your tank in emergency situation.

world of tanks mods

world of tanks mods

download :

How to install? :
1. Extract rar file.
2. Copy and paste files in folder  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x\gui

Delete ScopeShadow Mod

This modification can help you to delete scopeshadow in sniper mode.It make more vision than classic sniper mode with scopeshadow.

world of tanks mods

world of tanks mods

How to install? : 
Copy and paste in folder  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x\gui\flash

Startup Video Remover Mod

This mod prevents the startup video and sending you directly to the login screen.
Credit : Juggler

world of tanks mods

How to install? :
1. Extract rar file.
2. Copy and paste in folder  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x\gui\flash\video

Expanded Soundpack Mod

Cannon,explosion sounds will change to realistic sounds by this mod.

How to install?
1. Copy audio folder at C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\audio
2. Paste that folder at C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\
3. Extract download file
4. Copy and paste files to C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\audio

Loading Background Mod

This mod will change loading background  like picture below
(7.3 updated)

How to install?
1. Extract rar file.
2. Copy and paste files in folder  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x\gui\maps\icons\map\screen

Muzzle Flash Remover Mod

The modification will remove the fire and smoke effects by firing cannon. It will make more vision and better FPS in game

world of tanks mods

Download :

How to install? :
1. Extract rar file.
2. Copy and paste files in folder  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.x\particles\Tank