Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Murovanka (Goharu)


Credit Goharu,Garro

Flat terrain with a village in the center, forest and alley, protected by low hills.

Yellow dots – points for scouting.
Green dots – important defensive positions.
Red dots – artillery.
Green areas – locations of destroyers.
Red areas – hotspots, main combat locations.
Yellow arrows – MT attack directions.
Blue arrows – HT attack directions.

Movements and routes for light tanks:
If starting at respawn point №1 light tanks should be moving in groups through the forest and the center, actively scouting. To provide passive scouting move into point C.
If starting at respawn point №2 move through the center and down the alley, however, avoid point A and cross the hill before it. Moving through the forest is out of the question, since the enemy has taken all the key positions, therefore, move into point E to provide passive scouting of the forest and any ways leading out of it.

Main locations are marked in the map. These are well protected positions, allowing for a good fire radius. Tactics – mobile defense, firing at scouted enemies.

All three directions are available. MTs are leading the charge when attacking through the forest, attacking/defending the center is also their responsibility. MTs shouldn’t go head on with enemies through point A, instead they go around through C3-D2.

The main striking force on Murovanka. To do this properly HTs should divide into two groups: an attackers (fast, rapid firing) and defenders (well armored). The attackers from respawn point II move through the alley to point A, at which the defenders take their positions. The points B and E can be attacked the same way from the respawn point I. In our opinion, 2-3 highly armored heavies will be enough to form the defender group. A destroyer will good damage output can substitute one of the HTs, if kept slightly behind and covered. The main and prioritized ground for any action is the alley, the forest is of lesser importance.

In the beginning of a battle they are to provide support at defensive points, helping to suppress enemy offensive. After that, they fire at enemy artillery and destroyers, helping in the attack.

Let’s name the most repeated mistakes, which can lead to the team’s defeat:

- Imposing combat from the defensive points. As it so often happens, those going in first are very quickly destroyed by enemy fire, most of the time even well played artillery can’t prevent that. As a result, the advantage is lost, defeat follows.

- Weak defenses. Most of the vehicles follow the offensive route, leaving the flanks barely protected or unprotected at all. Which results in enemy LTs and MTs having a lot of fun.

Using these tactics and strategies you may achieve good results on Murovanka even in PuGs.

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