Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Game Modes

After the release of the 7.4 patch, World of Tanks will have two new combat modes: Assault and Encounter, in addition to the regular “base capture” game mode. Players will not be able to select the modes separately, just like in the case of a regular base capture mode.

Clicking on “Battle” will place you in a random game mode which will result in more fun and exciting combat as you will not know what to expect in the next battle with this element of surprise.

Assault Mode

In this mode, one team has a base and the other doesn’t. Respawn points are moved, for example, a defending team on Malinovka is in the north, and the attackers are based in the south near to the river.

Similarly, respawn points will change on all the other maps. On Prokhorovka, defenders are in the city whereas attackers start from the alley.

Consequently, old maps will turn up looking new and the feel of the game will appear different due to these new introductions. It’ll show you a new angle to playing the game as now battles will occur in places which have rarely ever been visited before.

Standard positions will change and previously unused hills will become essential strategic points; e.g. on Karelia the “super-important” southeast canyon loses a crucial place in your tactics. So although players are largely familiar with the maps and terrain, the overall gameplay will appear irregular as the rules have been changed.

Combat: One team will attack while the other defends. Usually, in random battles you never know how your allies would act and how the combat would end. Here, all roles are assigned. The teams are located in such a way that attackers will not have an option to wait out a game as doing so will cost them a victory, thus losing the battle.

On the other end, defenders have plenty of opportunities to set up powerful defenses. On Siegfried Line map, defenders are in the town and attackers have to go through the field. On Prokhorovka, defenders will have houses to cover their backs, whereas attackers need to keep advancing forward.

On Sand River, the base is also allocated in an interesting way where you’ll spend much effort to capture it. Additional effort would be necessary in places which have seldom faced tough combat in the past.

Obviously, there are two different ways to playing in attack. You can get into the attacking team and the gameplay will go in one way, or you can join the defending team and the gameplay will be changed differently in an entirely new level.

The differences between the sides are more apparent than in a common base capture mode and the widely diversified gameplay is bound to impress and capture the hearts of players.

Encounter Mode

The other game mode is known as Encounter. Respawn points in this mode are changed as well; teams appear on the map borderlines. The only neutral base (not belonging to any sides) available is located equally far away from both teams. As a result, teams appear to be riding close to each other and constantly engaging in combat, creating new combat “hot spots” far from the desired base.

There’s always a challenge waiting for you and decisions to be made in this mode: to start a battle, or to go straight to the base to capture and defend it.

If you see that the enemy is choosing to invade your respawn point via the shortest route, you can improvise by changing your direction and head up to the base. In this way, the enemy would be forced to change tactics.

Battles are nothing but impressive here as both teams will fight it out to capture the base, one after another. The base is actually placed in such a way that both teams can reach it from each opposite side at the same time and it’s hard to secure and hold it due to the lack of places where you can take cover behind. All these will raise the bar on the challenge of the game as you will be forced to look for alternative hiding spots such as behind destroyed ally or enemy tanks. Defending a captured base will also prove to be a feat so it’s all up to you, your team mates and strategies to hold up the fort!

This mode will be more interesting for tank companies because each player will have to make the right decisions and outsmart and outmaneuver their way to victory. If you play in a platoon, your gameplay will become more dynamic. The situation on the battlefield changes a lot with each second, and utter mayhem is inevitable at base capture points. Expect lots of fire, smoke and destruction. (Not to mention the fun that comes along with that!)

New modes will diversify the gameplay, adding new twists and fresh concepts to maps so players can expect whole new experiences in areas they are familiar with. Get ready for more exciting fights and challenges ahead. Let’s Battle!

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