Sunday, June 24, 2012

El Halluf (goharu)

El Halluf

Credit : Goharu,Garro

This map is somewhat similar to the “Sand River”. Both of the bases are located on top of tall hills, separated by a lowland, with a channel of a dried up river in its center. There is a small town and a bay to the south-east. The third neutral hill is located to the north-west.

Green dots – heavies and destroyers.
Yellow dots – points for scouting.
Red dots – artillery.
Red areas – hotspots, main combat locations.
Yellow arrows – MT attack directions.
Blue arrows – HT attack directions.


Just like on the Sand River, MTs on El Haluff have a lot of freedom.
All types of LTs can use the center of the map to reach the enemy base hills.
Your enemy will have a hard time attacking you there, and allied HTs and destroyers will be grateful for a free target practice.
LTs having a good view range, like Chaffee, will find point at F5-F6 very suitable. From there, it’s possible to scout positions of enemy tanks and destroyers, that are hiding on the mountain slope.
The more quick and movile T-50 and T-50-2 can also actively scout the main directions of the enemy movements and clusters of enemy forces.

Main task – defense of the base and any passes leading to it. Destroyers rarely leave their base and only join the group pushes during the final stage of a battle.

MT scouts: same as LTs.
MT attackers: main combat location – the town and the bay. When the bay is taken and the village is cleared, MTs should proceed by attacking the enemy base through the passes in cells J6-J7 and F8-G9. Sometimes they can be joined by fast HTs class tank, like IS-7/IS-3/AMX.

Top HTs often clash at the north-western hill. However, if the first respawn point team plays passively, all of the fighting is done on their territory, specifically in cells C1-D1. A part of HTs should be defending the base at the central and south-eastern passes.

Artillery should take positions it thinks are best, but some of the special spots are marked on the map. From these points (H9 and K6) it’s easy to bombard the north-western hill.

El Haluff is quite original in this respect, but it’s still should be mentioned, that we consider the first respawn point to be best for attacking, and the second respawn point to be best for defending.

The rush tactic is unpopular, because both of the teams have to cross a considerable distance ascending to the hills, while losing the speed and making it possible for the enemy to prepare their defenses.

Use these simple tactics and you the victory will be in your reach. Remember – communicate with the team and don’t rush it.

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